What Hosting Location Is The Best?

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Ensuring your website loads fast for your site visitors is at the top of nearly every web creator’s list. One of the primary considerations when choosing a provider is where their servers are located.

This is as the further away a site visitor is from the server, the higher the latency (delay) there will be due to the distance the command has to travel which gives the appearance of the site being slow to load.

This delay can be tested through online tools such as Wonder Network – Global Ping statistics where you can type in your hosting location and locations of your site’s key audiences to find the most ideal server location.

Ping results for different global cities for each of the 3 Cosmos Hosting server locations

An example of this is a website owner having a website hosted in Sydney Australia. For website visitors within Australia and even neighboring New Zealand the website will be snappy, however site website visitors from London or the United States some 17,000km away will experience a ~250ms (quarter of a second) delay for every page load. Ideally you want to keep latency below 100ms.

Breakdown of site visitors for a particular website from Google Analytics .

Google Analytics can be useful tool to see where your site’s global audience is coming from if the site isn’t intended to serve just one location.

At the time of writing Cosmos Hosting has servers in 3 strategic locations around the World to provide fast reliable performance optimised for each region.

Map of current server locations for Cosmos Hosting

Our recommendations for hosting locations based on latency are:

Server LocationIdeal Countries and Regions
GermanyUnited Kingdom, Europe, Russia, Middle East, and Africa
United StatesUnited States, Mexico, Canada, South America
SingaporeIndonesia, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Korea
Australia – SydneyAustralia, New Zealand

But Wait, I have a Global Audience or Audience In An Unlisted Country!

Websites with a large global audiences or in exotic locations can require extra consideration to ensure they offer the best experience for customers. This can involve

  • Ensure you are using a CDN such as Cloudflare or BunnyCDN
  • Pick the sever location closest to the bulk of your audience
  • Get in touch with us to explore our range of VPS Solutions available in additional locations

Still have questions about the best server location? Get in contact with our experienced technical team to see what we solutions we can provide.


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