Website Rescue

Has your website hit a roadblock? Is it plagued by performance issues, malware infections, or sluggish load times? Fret not – our Website Rescue Service is here restore your online presence! We specialize in reviving websites that have encountered technical setbacks, ensuring they run smoothly, securely, and efficiently.

Why Choose Our Website Rescue Service?

Expert Diagnosis: Our seasoned team of web experts conducts a thorough diagnosis of your website, pinpointing the root causes of issues such as malware infections, broken functionalities, or slow loading times. We believe in precision, ensuring that every aspect of your website’s health is carefully examined.

Malware Eradication: Malicious software can cripple your website’s functionality and compromise the security of both your data and your visitors. Our Website Rescue Service employs advanced malware detection and removal techniques to cleanse your website, fortifying it against future threats.

Performance Optimization: Is your website frustratingly slow? We specialize in optimizing website performance, implementing strategies to enhance loading times and overall responsiveness.

Smooth Migration to Cosmos Hosting: As part of our rescue mission, we offer a seamless migration to Cosmos Hosting – our reliable and high-performance hosting platform.

Personalized Solutions: Every website is unique, and so are its challenges. Our Website Rescue Service provides tailored solutions based on the specific issues affecting your website. Whether it’s a broken code, unusably slow or affected by malware.

How It Works:

Contact Us: Reach out to our dedicated rescue team at ‘[email protected]’ and share details about your website’s challenges and providers login details (if known).

Diagnosis: We conduct a comprehensive diagnosis to identify issues and develop a personalized rescue plan for your site.

Rescue and Migration: Our technicians execute the rescue plan, eradicating the core issues and seamlessly migrating your website to Cosmos Hosting from your old provider.

Post-Rescue Support: We don’t just stop at rescue – our team provides ongoing support and will monitor the site to ensure the issue remains healthy for the next month.


‘Website Rescue’ is a paid service for USD$99.00 which includes 1 year of complementary ‘Galaxy’ web hosting. If we are unable to resolve the issue we will issue a full refund.